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Automatic Ice Block Machine:

Koller Automatic Ice Block Machine Features:

  • Short and fast ice freezing time
  • Take a little space, convenient to transport.
  • Easy operation and convenient transportation, low cost.
  •  Ice is sanitary, clean and edible.
  • Evaporated directly without salt water.
  • The material of ice moulds are Aluminum plate, mainframe adopts stainless steel, which is anti-rust and anti-corrosive.
  •  Equipped with Jam design, which will be easy to harvest ice blocks.

Koller DK Series Automatic Ice Block Machine Technical Parameter:

  • Refrigerant: R22/R404A
  • Supply Power: 380V~420V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3P; 220V~240V, 60Hz, 3P; 440V~480V, 60Hz, 3P;
  • Working Conditions: Input Water Temp: 21℃; Evaporating Temp:- 15℃; Condensing Temp: 40℃;
  • (Notice: the actual ice production will be changed with input water temp and ambient temp.)
  • Koller reserve the final explanation to the products technique parameter, model and specifications can be subject to change without notice.

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