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Koller Ice Cube Machine Introduction:

Koller CV series Ice Cube Machine has firstly adopted the three leading technologies: adjustable ice thickness, automatic water supplying, automatic ice freezing and ice falling. It is an edible ice cube machine, and has completely solved the problems of uneven ice thickness and ice falling difficulties, which are caused by changing ambient temperature and water pressure gap.

With the combination use of flat-plate heat exchange technology and hot gas circulating defrost technology, it has greatly improved the ice cube machine’s capacity, energy consumption and performance stability. Koller CV series Ice Cube Machine adopts the modern design, integrated machinery unit, famous components, PLC automatic control, and food-grade stainless steel 304 material, which can meet the sanitary production standard. Matched with our dispenser screw conveyor inside the ice bin, ice discharge outlet and pedal switch design, so that you can pack the ice cubes into plastic bags directly from the machine, which can guarantee the ice to be sanitary and clean, meanwhile, it can reduce the labor greatly

Koller Ice Cube Machine Features:

Large Capacity: different capacity from 1ton/day to 25tons/day. Its production is stable and can reach 90%-95% even in summer. When the ambient temp is lower than20℃, input water temp is lower than 25℃, its production can reach 100%-130%.

Lower Power Consumption: it consumes 85-90 KWH/Ton, when the ambient temp is lower than23℃, it just consumes 70-85 KWH/Ton, compared with other small ice cube maker (normally 150-165 KWH/Ton), its energy saving rate reaches more than 30%.

Automatic Operation: it adopts PLC program centralized control, self-adjustable for ice thickness, self-adaptation for ambient temperature, automatic water supplying, ice freezing and ice falling, no requirement to manual adjustment.

Safe and Sanitary: it adopts food-grade stainless steel 304 material for the whole machine, special design water channel and ice discharge outlet, convenient automatic cleaning function, so that the ice is to be sanitary, crystal and transparent.

Stable Performance: cube ice is is transparent, crystal, hard, regular, beautiful, storable, sanitary, and completely meet the each national standard requirements for edible ice.

Koller Ice Cube Machine Application:

Cube ice is widely used in hotels, restaurants, bars, banquet halls, fast food shops, chain stores, drink shops, and any other places where need cube ice to meet every customer’s needs.

Koller Ice Cube Machine Working Flow:

Koller Ice Cube Machine Layout:

Koller CV series Ice Cube Machine adopts water cooling system, installing cooling tower outdoor and ice cube machine in door through the pump. Good cooling effect makes ice making more effective and power consumption lower.

Koller CV Series Ice Cube Machine Parameter:

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